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Collagen Coconut Creamer + Collagen Coconut Creamer +

Collagen Coconut Creamer +

Meet your mug’s new best friend! This decadent creamer is loaded with collagen protein, functional fats, and essential TraceMinerals to deliver a brain-boosting silky-smooth sipping experience, every time. 
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With Benefits

Functional Fuel for Mind and Body
Functional Fuel for Mind and Body

A creamer that does more. Formulated with MCT’s and Trace Minerals to boost your metabolism, energy, and focus for optimal well-being & performance.

Guilt-Free Indulgence For Every Day
Guilt-Free Indulgence For Every Day

Most creamers are full of sugar and other B.S., or don’t have any real health benefits. This one focuses on function & flavor, with just a touch of subtle sweetness to tantalize the tastebuds.

Healthy Gut, Joints, Skin, and Hair
Healthy Gut, Joints, Skin, and Hair

Collagen Protein is the glue that helps bind us together. Its potent amino acid profile can help you feel good in your body and get that glow from within.

Creamy & Clean for Any Routine
Creamy & Clean for Any Routine

Life’s busy - we get it. This powder creamer stashes easily in bags for a delicious all-in-one creamer, sweetener, and wellness boost for coffee, smoothies, or whatever. Anytime, anywhere. 

Not Your Average Creamer

This decadent creamer is packed with collagen protein and functional fats from coconut milk to boost brain function, support healthy inflammation, boost metabolism, and promote sustained energy throughout the day.


Silky, smooth, and naturally sweet with subtle notes of creamy coconut.


Long-lasting energy, joyful mornings, better gut health, happy skin, hair, & joints.

Essential Nutrients

Long-lasting energy, joyful mornings, better gut health, happy skin, hair, & joints.

High Bioavalibility

We use only the highest-quality ingredients to ensure high bioavalibility so that you actually experience the benefits.

No B.S.

No hidden fillers, chemicals, sugar alcohols, oils, unpronounceable ingredients, or other BS (bad stuff)

Full Ingredient List: Collagen Protein, Coconut Milk Powder, Coconut Sugar, Trace Minerals®

Taste? Feelings? Results?

Real Talk, Real Customers

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"Affordable and great taste!"

It’s affordable and tastes incredible. They even allow you to change your monthly delivery dates in a matter of seconds.

Tyler B.
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I think after seeing several ads, something in Everyday Dose's mission just spoke to me. I'm so glad I ordered this creamer. Every day, I wake up and look forward to making my morning cup. So creamy and delicious!

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"Way Better Than Other Brands!"

Love it!! Way better than the other brands I’ve tried. Never upsets my stomach but always gives me a great boost.

Becca D.
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Frequently Asked


How are we different? 🤔 down arrow

Everyday Dose is upgrading everyday staples like coffee, matcha, and creamer with collagen protein, mushrooms, & nootropics to optimize your mental and physical health. Improve energy, mood, immunity, sleep, and gut health without any crash or side effects. No additives, natural flavors, seed oils, or fillers.

What are TraceMinerals®? 🪨 down arrow

Trace Minerals are essential nutrients for maintaining optimal energy and health, yet 90% of Americans suffer deficiencies due to modern farming practices and water filtration. We've partnered with Trace Minerals to provide you with these key elements in a bioavailable form to combat issues like fatigue, anemia, and brain fog and support optimal well-being and energy.

Does this contain caffeine? ☕️ ️ down arrow

Nope! This silky creamer comes loaded with superfoods, not caffeine, so you can enjoy a scoop anytime of day.

What does it taste like? 😋 down arrow

It tastes slightly like coconut, from the coconut milk powder, with a delicate sweetness from the hint of coconut sugar we use to round out the flavor. The collagen protein adds to the rich creamy texture for a silky smooth finish.

Do you have samples? 👀 down arrow

Unfortunately we do not, our product is extremely expensive to make.

How can I use it? 🥛 down arrow

Use it wherever you'd like to add an extra boost of creamy nutrition! Of course, it pairs beautifully with our Mushroom Coffee+ or Matcha+ as well as in smoothies, overnight oats, tea, or baked recipes! *for best results, mix in hot liquid for drinks to fully melt the coconut milk, but works in cold too

Is it vegan? 🥦 down arrow

No. We use Collagen Protein in our formula because of… its effectiveness. The amino acid profile is incredibly powerful, and unfortunately, there is no such thing as vegan collagen – its b.s. marketing

Do I have to get a subscription? 🫣 down arrow

Nope! We also have a one time purchase option, but you save money and get free gifts when you subscribe. This is about changing your life long-term, which is why 99% of people subscribe.

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