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30 Servings Dose Bag

30 Servings Dose Bag

Activate your mornings with:

1500mg of Lion’s Mane + Chaga mushrooms (Double Extracted and 100% fruiting body) 
4g of grass-fed Collagen (amino acids) 
150mg of L-Theanine from Japan (reduce anxiety) 
A hint of low-acidity cold brew coffee extract with 80% less caffeine

Immediate benefits:

Zen-like focus that lasts way longer than a normal coffee 
Increase happiness 
Unleash your creativity 
Better sleep
Gut health / Better digestion

Activate your mornings with your new routine today.


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Gut Health
We want to give you something that provides a similar experience to normal matcha, but adds so many more benefits while removing all the negative stuff like the crash, jitters, digestion and skin problems.
What does it taste like? 😋
Just like Matcha, but better. With no added sweeteners or B.S, our unique blend of highest-quality matcha, collagen, and superfoods creates smooth, creamy, slightly sweet green tea flavors with zero bitterness or sediment to delight life-long matcha lovers and first-timers alike.
What is Matcha? Where do we source ours? 👀
Matcha comes from green tea leaves that are powdered instead of steeped, so you’re drinking the whole leaf. This means you get way more nutrients, antioxidants, and benefits.

We proudly partner with Tenzo Tea to source our Matcha because of their superior quality. It’s first flush (meaning only from the youngest most nutrient-dense leaves), shade grown, ceremonial grade, straight from family farms in Kagoshima, Japan.
Will I trip balls? 🤪
Nope! The mushrooms in our products are 100% legal and 0% psychedelic - they do not contain psilocybin or any other psychoactive ingredients.

So drinking Everyday Dose won't make you see the spirits of your ancestors.

That said, psychedelics - especially magic mushrooms - have proven helpful for people dealing with depression, PTSD, and a host of other issues. We thoroughly support the exploration of natural solutions to our problems, which is why we donate a % of our profits to Heroic Hearts, which connects veterans struggling with PTSD to psychedelic therapy retreats. (Psst, veterans still get a lifetime discount - email us!)
How much caffeine? ☕
Our Matcha has just 39mg of caffeine which is 80% less than a traditional cup of coffee! Enjoy your boost of energy but with no jitters, crashes, or trouble sleeping.
Is it vegan? 🥬
Nope, we use Collagen in our formula because of… its effectiveness. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as vegan collagen – its b.s. marketing.
Is it safe for everyone? 🤔
Our product is generally safe for everyone ages 12 and up, including breastfeeding moms. It does not interfere with any common medications, but as always, consult your doctor if you have any concerns.
When is the best time to Dose? ⌚
It’s tough to beat that first-thing-in-the-morning cup’a Dose. It sets the tone for a great day by boosting energy, mood, and focus as you go about your morning routine. And while you won’t experience the afternoon crash of highly caffeinated drinks, it’s great in the early afternoon too. Since it has such a small dose of caffeine and L-Theanine — which promotes relaxation and restorative sleep — it’s way way calmer than drinking regular coffee or tea in the afternoon. Everyone has their own unique response to different compounds, so some people enjoy it at night too, but we recommend cutting off caffeine intake at least 6 hours before bedtime to avoid messing with sleep.