We’d rather not screw over the environment.

Refill the vessel.

Recycle (or compost...) because our shipping bags are 100% compostable).

To reduce waste, instead of throwing out a bottle or canister each month, the starter kit comes with a UV, airtight, water resistant, glass vessel designed to live in your home, not your cupboard. Each month, we will send you a 30-serving refill bag shipped in a compostable shipping bag.

Unlike many brands that have a plastic spoon that is thrown away once the product runs out, the Starter Kit comes with a matte black steel scooper (1 tablespoon) that use to measure out a dose or other cooking needs.

The Everyday Dose wellness protocol is designed to reduce our impact  on the mind, body and earth.

TL;DR Keep your vessel from your starter kit and your refill arrives each month.


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