Don't Get Duped By Mushroom Drinks - Here Are 7 Things To Look Out For

Not all mushroom drinks are created equal; find out why choosing the right
mushroomsmakes all the difference in boosting your brain power, mood, and health.

Don't Get Duped By Mushroom Drinks - Here Are 7 Things To Look Out For

Not all mushroom drinks are created equal;
find out why choosing the right mushrooms makes all the difference in boosting your brain power, mood, and health.

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Mushroom Selection Matters

Choosing the right mushroom coffee starts with understanding the fungal line-up. After all, not all mushrooms are created equal!

Take Lion’s Mane, your brain’s new best friend. It enhances focus, boosts memory, and even supports gut health.

Then there’s Chaga, the immune system's champion, armed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory prowess to keep your body's defenses sharp.

Everyday Dose chooses Lion’s mane and Chaga for their synergistic effects on brain and immune health. But other brands choose mushrooms that have similar benefits to grocery store mushrooms. And the worst part is they charge you a premium for these generic mushrooms!


Myceliated Grain vs Fruiting Bodies: What’s Really in Your Cup

The difference between myceliated grain and fruiting bodies may seem miniscule, but it can have a major impact on your health!

Myceliated grain is often used as a cost-saving measure by some brands. It includes the substrate (like rice or oats) on which mushrooms are grown, diluting the mushroom content. This results in a product with lower levels of the powerful compounds such as beta-glucans which are crucial for health benefits.

Fruiting bodies - the actual mushrooms - are dense with nutrients and active compounds. Everyday Dose uses only fruiting bodies, ensuring a high concentration of the beneficial elements mushrooms are revered for. By committing to fruiting bodies, Everyday Dose provides a mushroom drink that actually enhances your health. Brands that opt for myceliated grains are diluting the essence of what makes mushroom drinks beneficial in the first place.

Choose Everyday Dose to make sure you're getting a mug full of mushrooms, not just a cup of filler.

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Sourcing: Do You Know Where Your Mushrooms Grow?

The source of the mushrooms used in your drink plays a critical role in the potency and purity of the final product. Wild harvested Chaga, for example, is collected from birch trees, ensuring the mushrooms are packed with antioxidants and other health-promoting compounds. Lion’s Mane mushrooms are grown on natural substrates like sawdust to mimic their native growing conditions, leading to a richer nutrient profile.

Everyday Dose takes sourcing seriously, choosing wild harvested Chaga and naturally-grown Lion’s Mane to maximize the health benefits in each cup.

Unfortunately, many competitors rely on commercially farmed mushrooms grown in less than ideal conditions, compromising the mushroom's nutritional benefits. By prioritizing the best growing practices, Everyday Dose ensures that each sip delivers not just good flavor but real, tangible health benefits.


It’s Not All About Health - Taste Matters, Too!

Let’s be real, you’re not going to stick with something if it tastes like dirt.

For mushroom coffee, achieving a balance between health benefits and enjoyable flavor is key. A well-crafted mushroom coffee should have a pleasant taste without the overpowering earthiness that can deter many first-time drinkers.

Everyday Dose has crafted a flavor profile that’s both light and creamy, with subtle notes of chocolate, making it a joy to chug, rather than a chore. Other leading brands infamously neglect the taste aspect, focusing solely on the health benefits. The result is a chalky, dirt-like product that’s a chore to drink. Everyday Dose understands that a great taste enhances the likelihood that you'll incorporate their mushroom drink into your daily routine, helping you to consistently reap the health benefits.

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Double Extraction is Key to Maximizing Mushroom Magic

The method used to extract compounds from mushrooms impacts the effectiveness of your mushroom drink! That's where double extraction comes into play. This method is essential because some of the beneficial compounds in mushrooms, like triterpenoids, are only soluble in alcohol, while others, such as beta-glucans, dissolve in water.

A double extraction process ensures that you get the full spectrum of health benefits by combining both water and alcohol extractions.

Most leading brands only use water extraction for their mushroom drinks because it’s faster, simpler, and cheaper (and leaves behind vital compounds that could help your health, but we digress). Everyday Dose utilizes this meticulous double extraction technique to ensure that every cup of their mushroom drink is brimming with all the beneficial compounds these fantastic fungi have to offer.

By choosing Everyday Dose, you're opting for a brand that never cuts corners. Because if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right.


Dosing: Dos and Don'ts

The effectiveness of mushroom coffee hinges on the dosage of the mushrooms too. It's not just about having the right ingredients; the amount of those ingredients is crucial.

Many leading brands skimp on the quantity of mushrooms to cut costs, resulting in a product that isn’t effective no matter how many cups you drink.

With Everyday Dose, you’re guaranteed a product crafted with high-quality ingredients in amounts that are meaningful. Each serving includes a 1.5 gram mix of approximately 50% Chaga and 50% Lion's Mane. This precise formulation is designed to maximize the health benefits, including enhanced cognitive functions and immune support.

Remember: with the right dosage in your cup, every sip moves you closer to achieving your health and wellness goals! And nobody does dosage quite like Everyday Dose.

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Before You Sip: Safety First!

Safety and potency are critical in choosing health supplements, and mushroom drinks are no different!

Everyday Dose makes sure the strictest standards are met through rigorous third-party lab testing. This guarantees each batch is free from harmful contaminants like pesticides, heavy metals, and toxins. It also guarantees the effectiveness of the active ingredients, like beta-glucans and triterpenoids which is where the benefits come from.

While Everyday Dose commits to such high standards of quality control, some brands don't. That can potentially compromise both safety and efficacy. Everyday Dose's dedication to testing makes for consistent potency and safety, and provides you with a trustworthy, effective health supplement…

And it makes sure each batch is as good as promised!

DON’T Dive Into Mushroom Coffee
Without Doing Due Diligence.

DON’T Dive Into Mushroom Coffee
Without Doing Due Diligence.

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The Best Part of Waking Up…
Is Mushrooms In Your Cup! 🍄✨ 

The Best Part of Waking Up…
Is Mushrooms In Your Cup! 🍄✨ 

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