The Mushroom Latte™

1042 Reviews
America runs on stimulants – just not the right ones. Everyday is a comprehensive and convenient alternative to stimulants and highly caffeinated drinks. We combine functional mushrooms, collagen and nootropics to activate your DOSE!
Dopamine. Oxytocin. Serotonin. Endorphins.
Sustained Energy
Healthier Digestion
Reduce Brain Fog
Brighter Skin
Better Sleep
Immune Support
Everyday Dose is made from the highest quality ingredients in accordance with the strictest standards found in National Institute of Health clinical studies.

We are obsessed about quality and only select the most effective and bioavailable form of every single ingredient in our formula to deliver the highest possible quality and value.

Lion's Mane

Double extracted, grown on sawdust.

Your brain's BFF. Helps with memory, focus and gut health.


Wild harvested, double extracted.

The Anti-Viral King. Pharmaceutical companies are trying to synthesize this drug to make it into proprietary medicine. We prefer the natural extract.


Unfortunately, there is no such thing as vegan collagen (sadly its marketing).

Our real collagen has the most incredible amino acids profile to help hair growth, skin, joints and even leaky gut! 


Are you tired of being stressed?

Suntheanine™ is the best L-Theanine on the market and has clinical trials that prove it helps reduce cortisol, which is the "stress chemical" in the body.

coffee Extract

You won't believe it's mushrooms! We use just a hint of organic, fair-trade coffee extract for taste. With only 1/3 the caffeine (39mg) of a normal coffee, even less than a matcha!

You'll feel great (without the crash, no more digestion problems!).
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100% organic and only fruiting body mushroom extracts
Lab tested
DOUBLE EXTRACTED to increase bioavailability of beta glucans, triterpenes, triterpenoids and sterols (the magic of the functional mushrooms)!
NO FILLER means NO rice, mycelium, or grain (i.e. mycelial biomass)
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How tO

Step 1

Add Dose to Mug

Step 2

2oz of Water &
Finish with Milk of Choice

Step 3

Stir or Froth

Step 4

Feel Elevated ⚡️


You do NOT want mushroom products that say "mycelial biomass" on “oat” or “rice.”
Unless you want to eat starch or grain...
You WANT only “fruiting body” mushrooms.
“I can definitely see the difference in the health of my skin now that I’m getting better sleep”

The People
have spoken

“Finally I’m addicted to something that's actually really healthy.”
Los Angeles
“I usually crave Adderall and I didn’t at all yesterday.”
San Francisco


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