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Lion’s Mane

You know those moments when you just can’t seem to think, focus, or make a decision? Thankfully, this fuzzy mushroom is here to make your brain… well, a little less fuzzy. It has been used in Eastern medicine for centuries, mainly for energy and as a treatment for digestive ailments. Biohackers, entrepreneurs, and busy parents alike adore this mushroom for its brain-boosting, focus-enhancing effects. Emerging medical research suggests that Lion’s Mane may prevent cognitive decline, even reducing symptoms of Alzheimer's and Dementia.

Lions Mane




Lions Mane


How it Works

There are over 50 compounds in Lion’s Mane that impact your brain and body, but the dynamic duo likely responsible for its brain-boosting power are Aromatic hericenones + Diterpenoid erinacines. No other known food contains this combination, which makes Lion’s Mane exceptionally special.

Hericenones and erinacines are unique because they are able to cross the blood-brain barrier, allowing them to work their magic directly on the brain. Once in the brain, these compounds work hard by promoting myelination to better protect neurons, supporting neural plasticity to allow for easier recall and learning, and increasing Nerve Growth Factor (which helps create and regenerate neural pathways).

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Backed By Science

Studies have shown that people with mild Alzheimer’s disease experienced improved brain health, reduced symptoms, and performed better on cognitive tests after Lion’s Mane supplementation after 49 weeks compared to the control group.
Evidence suggests that Lion’s Mane helps regenerate cells in the amygdala — the brain region responsible for regulating emotions. In this double-blind study, Lion’s Mane cookies were shown to effectively decrease anxiety and irritability in menopausal women compared to the control.
Lion’s Mane is used to help repair and regrow nerves and neurons after damage or injury. In this study, rats with damaged gangal nerves were able to re-learn normal functions such as walking, and showed enhanced nerve and muscle regeneration when compared to the control.
Research shows that Lion’s Mane has the potential to promote a healthy bacterial balance in the gut, ease inflammation, and strengthen the intestinal barrier to prevent pathogens and toxins from entering the bloodstream. In this study, Lion’s Mane effectively reduces symptoms of inflammatory bowel disease.
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