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At Everyday Dose, we are committed to providing the highest quality mushroom products that are:

ONLY Fruiting Body Extracts

Lab tested for beta-glucans, heavy metals, allergens and mycotoxins

Have no added starch mycelium, or grain (i.e. mycelial biomass)

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Advice From Our Mushrooms

WATCH OUT for other brands that are in fact not made from real "fruiting body" mushrooms. Many brands use mycelium grown on oat or rice. LOOK –> Does the label say "mycelial biomass," "mycelium", "full spectrum", or nothing at all? This essentially equates to the dirt these were grown on and that you would be consuming rice or grain. In most cases these companies use oats - because it's cheap.




Hot Water Extraction

Hot water extraction is the traditional method of processing medicinal mushrooms. That is because one of the most heavily studied and important compounds in mushrooms is water soluble. This compound is beta-d glucan, a very special type of polysaccharide that has immunomodulating properties.

Alcohol Extraction

Some compounds such as triterpenes and sterols- are not soluble in water. In order to make them more bioavailable, an alcohol extraction should be performed.The extraction process for Everyday Dose mushrooms Is a multi-step water and alcohol extraction process only using the fruiting body to ensure the integrity and bioavailability of the main bioactives.


Beta-D Glucans

Are potent immunomodulators, with effects on both innate and adaptive immunity. Beta-glucans act on a diversity of immune related receptors, in particular dectin-1 and CR3, and can trigger a wide spectrum of positive immune boosting responses. (1) Both our chaga and Lion's Mane have a high beta-glucan rate.

Triterpene, Triterpenoid Sterols

Studies have shown that antimicrobial action is due to betulin and lupeol, two types of triterpenes, as well as mycosterols, a kind of sterol found in mushrooms. Chaga extracts have been shown to exhibit activity against several common types of viruses in in vitro studies. In one study, the water-based extract of chaga exhibited antiviral activity against the hepatitis C virus (2), while another study reported 100 percent inhibition of the external surface of fungus against two strains of the human influenza virus (A and B). (3)Another study found that betulinic acid shows potent anti-cancer activity through activation of the mitochondrial pathway of apoptosis in cancer cells. Betulinic acid may also be used in combination protocols to enhance its antitumor activity, for example with chemo- or radiotherapy or with the death receptor ligand TRAIL. Because of its relative selective cytotoxicity against malignant compared to normal cells, betulinic acid is a promising new experimental anticancer agents for the treatment of human cancers.
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