Are you brewing kidney trouble along with your daily caffeine fix?

Let's breakdown what this new study out of Canada suggests.

The Big Question

Could your coffee fix be having a negative impact on kidney health? Your CYP1A2 gene may hold the key.  

( What the heck is a CYP1A2 gene? )

Imagine your cells as a busy coffee shop. This gene is the employee tasked with handling the ‘order’ of processing caffeine. However, just like in an overcrowded Starbucks, some baristas handle the rush better than others. Similarly, genetic variations in CYP1A2 impact how fast or slow your body metabolizes caffeine – and it turns out over 60% of the population has this potentially dangerous variant. 

The Staggering Statistics

The answer, quite surprisingly, is a loud and clear 'Yes'. Picture this: among folks with a specific variant in the CYP1A2 gene (slow caffeine metabolizers), heavy coffee consumption was linked to a higher likelihood of kidney issues. We're talking numbers like 270% more likely to develop serious issues such as albuminuria and 280% more likely to develop hypertension throughout this long-spanning study.[1] Wow, right?

 Sip on this... 

The takeaway? Not all of us react to coffee the same way, thanks to our genetic makeup. Over half the population is over 200% more likely to develop dangerous kidney diseases and suffer from other risky side effects. 

Signs You Might Have this Genotype:

✔️ Can't drink coffee in the afternoon if you want to sleep

✔️ Often anxious or jittery after consuming caffeine

* As always, this isn't medical advice. We always recommend you consult a healthcare professional if you have questions or concerns about your health.


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[1] Mahdavi, Sara et al. “CYP1A2 Genetic Variation, Coffee Intake, and Kidney Dysfunction.” JAMA network open vol. 6,1 e2247868. 3 Jan. 2023, doi:10.1001/jamanetworkopen.2022.47868 https://www.everydaydose.com/pages/CYP1A2-Genetic-Variation-CoffeeIntakeandKidneyDysfunction

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