“The single best thing I could have done for my health!”
Tired of all-day coffee jitters? Well, mushroom coffee+ is by far the best way to get cleaner energy & focus without any of the bad side effects. That means NO crashes, anxiety, stomach pain, insomnia, high blood pressure, etc. (And it’s better for your brain & gut health too!) But don’t be fooled – It’s hard to know which brands out there will give you the perfect balance of health with the delicious taste of coffee you know & love. (Hint: There’s only one.)

So, to help you avoid any low-quality, bad-tasting mushroom coffee alternatives out there, here’s why Everyday Dose stands head and shoulders above the rest:

How do we stack up?


1. We Use Real 100% Fruiting Body Mushrooms 🍄

It’s true: ​​Myceliated oats ≠ mushrooms. While other brands may grow their mushrooms on oat substrates, Everyday Dose provides you with the real deal – 100% fruiting body mushrooms, including Lion's Mane and Chaga. Oat substrates might be cost-effective, but they fall short when it comes to delivering the full spectrum of mushroom goodness. We use Lion's Mane to support memory, focus, and nerve regeneration while benefiting your gut health. Chaga, the antioxidant champion, boosts immunity and reduces inflammation. Plus, our mushrooms are double-extracted, USDA Organic, and wild-harvested from birch, ensuring the utmost purity. You can trust that you're getting the very best.

2. We Added Collagen Protein ✨

Did you know that as we age, our bodies stop producing collagen? Hair gets thinner. Skin gets looser. It's a harsh reality, but Everyday Dose can actually help you turn back the clock on aging by combining collagen protein with functional mushrooms & nootropics. Sourced from grass-fed Brazilian bovine, our collagen doesn't just help you feel better; it also helps rejuvenate your skin, hair, nails, joints, and bones! 

3. L-Theanine For Less Stress, More Focus 🧘‍♀️

We know life can get stressful, so we added some extra relief to our mushroom coffee+. L-Theanine, an amino acid found in tea leaves, is renowned for reducing anxiety while improving focus and sleep. Our L-Theanine is 100% pure L-isomer, guaranteeing its effectiveness in promoting a calm mind and better rest and recovery. With Everyday Dose, you can embrace each day with a sense of clarity and more concentration than ever!

4. No Sediment, Only Smooth Perfection 😌

Some other mushroom coffees can have a thick, chunky layer on top with tons of sediment at the bottom – kind of like well… mud. On the other hand, A simple stir of Everyday Dose delivers a smooth, creamy texture without any residue or clumping. Our meticulous crafting ensures that your cup is free from any unwanted sediment, allowing you to savor the pure, silky perfection that sets us apart from the rest. 

5.  It ACTUALLY Tastes Like Delicious Coffee ☕️

Everyday Dose is the perfect balance of taste and function. Our blend uses a low-acidity, low-caffeine coffee extract that’s 100% organic. This method preserves the nuanced and complex flavors of coffee while reducing acidity to an absolute minimum. The result? A remarkably smooth and rich taste that sets Everyday Dose apart from the rest. You also get an optimal caffeine dose of 45mg, all while ensuring a delicious taste that won't upset your gut or adrenals. Enjoy all same the delicious earthy flavors you love! 


REMEMBER: Now that you know why Everyday Dose is the perfect mushroom coffee+ that can provide amazing health benefits, the next step is to get started! By blending low-caffeine, low-acidity coffee extract with an effective quantity of four powerful ingredients that improve energy, focus, mood, sleep, gut health, and immunity, there really is no comparison to Everyday Dose. If you want to see fast improvements in your focus, energy, and productivity, don’t wait… start your health journey today! 


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