Our Mission To Make Everyday Products
Healthier – Starting With Coffee

Hey I’m Jack

Starting at the age of 5, I lived without questioning prescription stimulants, until hypertension and irritability gave cause for concern. Over the last several years I've tried different diets to be Adderall-free while also being a productive, functioning member of society. I’ve tried being keto, vegetarian, paleo, sugar-free, alcohol-free, etc. Then I started experimenting with mushrooms. While all of these approaches have their pros and cons, I found that medicinal, non-psychedelic mushrooms like lion’s mane and chaga as well as nootropics like L-Theanine to be most optimal for productivity and stress while not impacting my body and emotional state the way Adderall and lots of coffee did.

Why Did I Start Everyday Dose?

I’ve regained control of my life for the first time and now my mission is to create an accessible wellness program to also help others. There are literally millions of stories like mine, however most people haven't yet figured out a way to break free. Everyday Dose will change that.

I hope Dosing changes your life as much as it changed mine.