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Reviews From The

Dose Family

  • I was recently using another brand and have fully switched to Everyday Dose. I still can’t get over how easily it actually dissolves in hot water unlike other brands. I’m on my second month now and won’t be stopping anytime soon!

    Danielle M.

    Verified Purchase

  • I am now on my whole first month of Dose and I love the effects mentally and physically. I don't need coffee all day like I did before and the taste is amzing!!!

    Sara N.

    Verified Purchase

  • I love the flavor of my Everyday Dose mushroom coffee and I'm a big baby lol. If it doesn't taste good, I'm not having it. I use coconut milk and maple syrup to make my latte. Froth and drink. It's so good! Anxiously awaiting my second bag, praying it gets to me before I run out!

    Linda R.

    Verified Purchase

  • It tastes exactly like coffee (and I drink it black), I don't get jittery/amped up throughout the day. I love that with just one serving I am getting L-Theanine, a variety of mushrooms (fruiting bodies), collagen protein, and 17 different amino acids.

    Andrea I.

    Verified Purchase

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Limited supply

(First come first served)

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Get started (Free Gifts)

Limited supply

(First come first served)

#DOSEFAM Reviews

Karen S.

Verified Buyer

“LOVE everyday dose! If you knew what it takes for me to choke down coffee and how much the idea of consuming fungus freaks me out, you would understand how HUGE it is that I love this stuff! Not only does help with my energy, lack of focus and sleep, but it helps to regulate my bathroom habits, too! And the taste is so smooth!”

Shawna D.

Verified Buyer

"I LOVE LOVE LOVE EVERYDAY DOSE! From the first time I made it I was hooked! I love the taste, the health benefits of it and how awesome I feel drinking it! It is so worth it and I could easily replace my lifetime coffee addiction for everyday dose and that's crazy in itself!"

Get Started (Free Gifts)

Limited supply

(First come first served)

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