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Coffee and Matcha Bundle

Coffee and Matcha Bundle

Get the best of both worlds.

Our bestselling original formula of Mushroom Coffee+ has met it’s Match-a. Try 30 servings of each, loaded with functional mushrooms, nootropics, and collagen to give you all-day energy, zen-like focus, and creative flow.
With gourmet coffee-shop inspired flavors, 80% less caffeine than traditional coffee, and tons of added gut, brain, and immune benefits… you won’t be able to pick a favorite. And now you don’t have to ;)

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Gut Health
People need to give up coffee for a variety of reason: 1) Anxiety, 2) Auto-Immunes Problems, 3) Digestive Issues, 4) Sleep Problems, 5) Adrenal Fatigue, 6) Skin Problems, and so many other reasons! Now you don't.


MUDWTR vs Everyday Dose?

  • Mud is chai-based — Dose is cold-brew-based.
  • Mud uses mushrooms combined with oats — Dose uses only 100% fruiting body mushrooms..
  • Mud does not have a mushroom extraction process — Dose does a double extraction.
  • Mud does not include Collagen — Dose does
  • Mud does not include L-Theanine — Dose does.
  • Mud has 35mg of caffeine — Dose has 39mg. Pretty much the same-same.
  • Dose is easy to mix — Mud is...muddy..
  • Dose tastes amazing — Mud tastes like...Mud.

Will I trip balls?!

Nope! The mushrooms in our products are 100% legal and 0% psychedelic — they do not contain psilocybin or any other psychoactive ingredients. So drinking Everyday Dose won’t make you see the spirits of your ancestors.

That said, psychedelics — especially magic mushrooms — have proven helpful for people dealing with depression, PTSD, and a host of other issues. We thoroughly support the exploration of natural solutions to our problems, which is why we donate a % of or profits to Heroic Hearts, which connects veterans struggling with PTSD to psychedelic therapy retreats. (Pssst, veterans still get a lifetime discount — email us!)

What does it taste like?

We use a cold brew coffee extract that is low-acidity and 80% less caffeine than a normal coffee. So it's actually going to taste like coffee.

How much caffeine?

Just 39 mg! We experimented with different amounts of caffeine, and found this to be an optimal dose that provides plenty of energy, without any anxiety, jitters, or crash — and of course the other four ingredients contribute to this experience.

For comparison, an 8 oz cup of coffee from Starbucks has 180 mg, almost 5x as much. That’s just crazy and so unnecessary.