Unconventional Wisdom to Breakfree from Burnout

In today’s modern “hustle” culture, we’re told that the way to be successful is to complete an endless to-do list each day, waking up at 4 am to dive into an icy plunge, and somehow juggling a 50-hour workweek with 8 hours of sound sleep.

But, here's the truth: all that pressure might just lead you into a vicious cycle of burnout, over-caffeination, and that never-ending feeling of not being productive enough.


Additionally, this excessively rigid, task-oriented way of thinking leaves no room for the unexpected in life and stifles your creativity and growth.

We think it's time for a paradigm shift.

What if we told you the secret to achieving more was actually… doing less?

Especially for those of us with ADHD, sticking to a routine that involves a strict timeline or complicated system is overwhelming – if not downright impossible.

Implementing a strategy that provides a structure without boxing you in, allowing you to adapt to each day’s unique set of challenges and encouraging the "slack" or breathing room is vital to efficient thinking and mental health.

Burnout isn't a badge of honor.

It’s important to have a clear definition for a successful “productive” day – otherwise, you may never reach the feelings of completeness and accomplishment that allow your brain to fully shut down and recharge. 

If you want some inspiration to get started finding your flexible flow, check out this “3-3-3 Productivity System” we recently discovered. Originally introduced by Oliver Burkeman, we love it because it's dynamic, versatile, and oh-so-easy to adapt.

Unlock 3-3-3 Magic

for Your Most Productive Day

If you've ever spent half your Sunday designing the perfect productivity plan, only to abandon it before it helps you get anything done, this is for you.

✔️ Three Power Hours: Spend 3 hyper-focused hours working on your main priority project.

✔️ Three Simple Tasks: Important or urgent things that require your attention. 

✔️ Three Maintenance Activities: Prioritize 3 activities or tasks to keep your health and life running smoothly.

Put it Into Practice

We asked our founder Jack how he might apply this method to his day, to give you an example of how it can be applied to any day:

  • 3 Focus Hours: Finalize blend for new *SECRET* nighttime formula

  • 3 Simple Tasks: Meet with media team to discuss new creatives, review this week’s customer feedback, Approve new month four gift design

  • 3 Maintenance activities: Cold plunge, Gym session, Grocery shopping

 Systems like this one can adapt to suit everyone from busy founders with ADHD like Jack, to stay at home supermoms structure, prioritize, and get sh*t done. However, any successful system requires a strong foundation. Being able to balance life's demands while making progress on your dreams requires an energy source than can keep up.   

Fuel To Support Your Flexibility

At Everyday Dose, we're all about adaptability... That's why we include potent adaptogens in our Mushroom Coffee+ blend to help you find your flow and well, adapt to whatever your day throws your way.

Unlike regular coffee which can leave you jittery, anxious, and headed even faster down the burnout path, ours is designed to boost energy, sharpen focus, reduce stress, and bring your body into balance.

It's loaded with ingredients like L-theanine and Lion's Mane which have been scientifically studied to improve mood, relaxation, and focus without drowsiness... without the insane amounts of caffeine found in normal coffee.

Our favorite part? It's Mushroom coffee that actually tastes like coffee, so you'll be excited to drink it every morning. It's coffee for the unconventional success seekers out there.

Are you ready to redefine productivity and energy?

Experience Smarter Energy

Everyday Dose is everything you love about coffee with a ton of added benefits – and none of the side effects. Trade the afternoon crash, jitters, anxiety, and gut issues for all-day energy, focus, clarity, better sleep, boosted immunity, and a healthier gut.

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