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Boosts Energy icon Boosts Energy
Improves Clarity icon Improves Clarity
Elevates Mood icon Elevates Mood
Fights Inflammation icon Fights Inflammation
Reduces Anxiety icon Reduces Anxiety

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"Love This Brand!"

I gave Everyday Dose a try after reading about the medicinal and neurological benefits of mushrooms. I also read how you grow & harvest your mushrooms vs other brands and chose to go with Everyday Dose. I absolutely LOVE it! I look forward to my cup every morning.

Jamie S.
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"Great Taste! Awesome Energy!"

I wasn't sure what to expect, but this product far surpassed my expectations! From the great taste to the sustained energy. The mini Frother blends beautifully giving an elegant foam. Definitely will be ordering more!

Jim P.
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"Way Better Than Other Brands!"

Love it!! Way better than the other brand I’ve tried. Love that it’s still coffee but so much healthier. Never upsets my stomach but always gives me a great boost.

Becca D.
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Tastes great, no bloating or acid reflux. I've tried other brands, and they tasted horrible, and stayed "chunky." This coffee has a nice smooth texture that I loved. I quickly ordered the monthly subscription!

Rebecca W.
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Love this stuff so much. It tastes great and manages my audhd symptoms really well. It came With a high quality frother that I love. Delivery was also very fast!

Michael G.
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I couldn’t imagine being able to quit coffee. I decided to at least give mushroom a coffee a try. It’s been almost seven weeks since the last time I had regular coffee. I never went through caffeine withdrawal, and I feel so much better. No more foggy brain or extreme crashes. I’m a customer for life!

Ariel C.
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Cut Back On Coffee.

We took everything we loved about coffee, removed what we didn’t, and added in supplements to optimize your body and mind.

39mg caffeine per serving


Light and creamy roasted coffee with very subtle notes of chocolate.


Clear, calm, energized focus. Boost your productivity, and feel ready to take on the world.

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Lab Tested

We test for beta-glucans, heavy metals, allergens, mycotoxins and mold.

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Double Extracted

Increases bioavailability of beta glucans, triterpenes, triterpenoids and sterols. (the magic of functional mushrooms!)

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No B.S.

No starch or myceliated oats (what many competitors use, because they are cheaper!)

Full Ingredient List: Everyday Dose Mushroom Blend (Lion’s Mane & Chaga), Proprietary Coffee Extract, Collagen Protein, L-Theanine. Nothing Else.

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That Counts

lions mane

Lions Mane

Your brain’s BFF! Supports memory, focus, and nerve regeneration. Also benefits gut health.

  • USDA Organic
  • 100% Fruiting Body
  • Double-Extracted


The antioxidant champion! Boosts immunity and reduces inflammation.

  • USDA Organic
  • Wild harvested from birch
  • Double-Extracted

Coffee Extract

Low-acidity extract for an optimal caffeine dose (39mg) and taste,
without upsetting your gut or adrenals.

  • 100% Organic
  • Proprietary Cold Extraction
collagen protein

Collagen Protein

From the Greek for “glue”. Keep
yourself together with healthier skin, hair, nails, joints, and bones.

  • From grass-fed Brazilian bovine


An amino acid found in tea leaves that reduces anxiety while improving focus & sleep.

  • 100% pure L-isomer Theanine


Industry Experts & Athletes


Category Leaders


Category Leaders

Chelsea Kauai

I love drinking Everyday Dose as part of my morning ritual when I journal and meditate. I feel a clear, focused energy to start my day.
Adventure Travel Photographer & Filmmaker Creator of Notes to Mindfulness

Chelsea Kauai

I love drinking Everyday Dose as part of my morning ritual when I journal and meditate. I feel a clear, focused energy to start my day.
Adventure Travel Photographer & Filmmaker Creator of Notes to Mindfulness
Michael Gervais

Michael Gervais

Even if you're not typically a coffee drinker, I recommend giving Everyday Dose a try. You're less likely to feel jittery or crash, and the mix of ingredients is fantastic. My team at Finding Mastery loves what they've created.
Performance Psychologist, Founder and Host of Finding Mastery Podcast
sam kolder

Sam Kolder

Drinking Everyday Dose has become my go-to for staying energized, focused, and creative no matter where my journey takes me.
Creative Director & Filmmaker
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For 20 Years.

Then I found mushrooms. (no, not that kind).

As someone who’s always had trouble focusing, I was prescribed stimulants at the age of 5 until high blood pressure gave cause for serious concern. I quit cold turkey and started drinking lots of coffee. After 1-2 hours of ineffective energy, I’d crash or if I drank too much, I’d feel jittery and anxious. That’s when I started researching biohacking, nutrition and functional mushrooms.

It turns out, basically all mushrooms are magical, especially when combined with nootropics. This led me to the ingredients in Everyday Dose, which have allowed me to regain control of my life for the first time. It became my mission to help others also transform their lives by making everyday products healthier and upgrading the way we energize.
I hope Dosing changes your life as much as it’s changed mine.

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Founder of Everyday Dose


Othership Breathwork

Othership: Breathing App combined with Everyday Dose helps you regulate your emotions and nervous system through guided breathwork and vibey music.

Normally priced at $18.99 per month, now FREE for all Everyday Dose subscribers.




In honor of our veterans, we donate a % of our earnings to the Heroic Hearts Project that connects veterans suffering from PTSD with alternative approaches to therapy and professional integration programs.

If you or your spouse is a veteran, contact us at hi@everydaydose.com for more information.

heroic hearts



How are we different?

Everyday Dose addresses issues with regular coffee, while drastically building on its benefits. We took what we love about coffee (taste, ritual, and energy) and removed what we didn’t (crash, anxiety, jitters, poor sleep, and digestive issues). By blending low-caffeine, low acidity coffee extract with an effective quantity of four amazing ingredients that improve energy, focus, mood, sleep, gut health, and immunity, we created a drink that really can’t be compared to coffee aside from the taste and ritual... which is exactly what we were going for.

How much caffeine? ️

Our coffee extract has just 39mg of caffeine which is 80% less than a traditional cup of coffee! Enjoy your boost of energy but with no jitters, crashes, or trouble sleeping.

What does it taste like?

Like a delicious cup of coffee. We use low-acidity coffee extract to capture a broad range of complex flavors with chocolatey notes. This makes Dose taste like a full-bodied coffee. And the creaminess added by the collagen, especially when you use our Fancy Frother or a blender — just wow.

Do you have samples?

Unfortunately we do not, our product is extremely expensive to make.

Is it vegan?

We use Collagen Protein in our formula because of… its effectiveness. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as vegan collagen – its b.s. marketing.

Do I have to get a subscription?

Nope! We also have a one time purchase option, but you save money and get free gifts when you subscribe. This is about changing your life long-term, which is why 99% of people subscribe.



Start Dosing


Start your journey towards a more present, focused, alert version of you today.

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Happiness, guaranteed.

We stand behind our product with a promise of transparency and reliability, supported by scientific evidence.


We offer a 45 day return policy... that's how much we know you'll love it!



We’re with you every step of the way.