Sleep Like A Pro:

7-Step Cheat Sheet to Banish Restless Nights  

Ever felt trapped in a never-ending cycle of poor sleep, coffee-induced jitters, and exhaustion that drags you (and everyone around you) down? You're not alone. 

Here’s a terrifying statistic: Only 10% of adults say that they sleep extremely well. And chances are you aren’t one of them - or you probably wouldn’t still be reading this...

Let's not beat around the bush; lack of sleep doesn’t just ruin your morning; it messes with your memory, immune system, cardiovascular health, and overall wellbeing short and long term.

Whether you can’t seem to fall asleep, can’t seem to stay asleep, or always wake up exhausted, we’ve crafted a science-backed seven-part toolkit to help you reclaim your rest.

If you have trouble sleeping, try these science-backed tools instead of coutning sheep...

1. Sync With The Sun

Your circadian rhythm is your body’s internal clock, which is intended to sync with the natural rhythms of the sun and tells your body when to produce key hormones and neurochemicals. Studies show that sticking to a consistent wake-up and bedtime (yes, even on weekends) can help realign this natural rhythm. Give your body as many natural cues about where the sun is by getting sunlight exposure first thing in the morning and in the late afternoon to help your body synchronize. Dimming overhead lights in the evening can also minimize interference with these natural rhythms. 

2. Breathe Your Way to Blissful Rest

Fresh air isn’t just invigorating; it’s essential for sleep. Ensure good ventilation in your sleep space to enhance oxygen levels. Once you have some fresh, cool air flowing you can use research-backed breathwork practices like 4-7-8 breathing to fall asleep faster, or for maximum results check out the Othership App. We use the Othership App for all our breathwork needs - from sleep, to focus, to overall health because they make it SO fun and easy to practice.

(In fact, we love it so much we offer members of the Dose fam 3+ months of the app for FREE when they join.)

3. Break Up with Blue Light: Unplug Interruptions

Our phones and computers are not only distracting before bedtime, but the blue light from the screens mimics wavelengths of sunlight, blocking the production of those important sleepy-time chemicals in your brain. Use the setting or an app to shift your devices into “night mode” a few hours before bedtime, or better yet, embrace a digital detox and stay off of your phone, computer, or TV at least an hour before bedtime. Instead, how about revisiting that novel gathering dust on your shelf, or starting that journaling routine you’ve been thinking about? Trust us; your sleep will thank you!

4. Cut Back on Caffeine

That afternoon coffee might feel like the solution to all your sleepless struggles, but the truth is it’s probably doing you more harm than good. In fact, for most people, caffeine has been shown to disrupt sleep even when consumed 6-12 hours before bedtime.

That's why we designed Everyday Dose to have all the coffee flavor -- with 80% less caffeine and added superfood ingredients to help bring your body into balance and allow you to focus all day, and sleep soundly all night.

5. Sleep-Friendly Foods 

Hankering for a midnight snack? Choose wisely. Spice, sugar, and heavy meals too close to bedtime can interfere with the quality of your sleep, though you don’t want to go to bed hungry either. A balanced dinner a few hours before bedtime will help replenish your body’s resources. Including starchy carbs such as rice or pasta can make you feel tired and promote the production of serotonin, a key neurochemical for sleep.

6. The Power of Rest Rituals

You may have heard the saying that "the best morning routine starts the night before," and it's a fact. Creating a unique evening ritual can not only lead to a more productive morning, but also allow your mind to fully relax and de-stress. Consistency and simplicity are key here: try dedicating 10 minutes to cleaning your space, journaling, taking a warm bath, or setting priorities for the morning. Find what soothes you and sets you up for success, and make it a sacred nightly practice.

7. What Sleep Supplements Are Worth It?

Navigating the world of sleep supplements can feel daunting. While commonly used melatonin can be helpful for short term sleep disruptions such as jetlag, research shows that it does not effectively promote – and may actually reduce - sleep quality, and comes with risks of side effects as it overrides your body’s natural ability to produce this essential hormone. Instead, try natural supplements like the L-Theanine and Lion’s Mane mushroom in Everyday Dose to support your body’s ability to self produce the required neurochemicals for deep, restorative sleep. Additionally, many people find magnesium glycinate, GABA, and valerian root helpful, though you should always do your own research and consult your doc before adding any new supplements to your routine.

Wait, Coffee That Helps You Sleep Better?

Yeah, you heard that right. While personal needs differ, studies show that even 6 hours of sleep significantly reduce mental performance and attention for most adults compared to 8 hours.

But... you probably already know how severely sleep deprivation impacts your mood, thinking, and energy. And regular coffee just makes things worse. Which is why we set out to create the healthiest alternative to normal coffee, to feel balanced and clear during the day without missing out on a moment of critical sleep.

Everyday Dose contains efficacious amounts L-theanine and fruiting body extracts of Lion's Mane and Chaga mushrooms so you can still enjoy coffee, without the compromises.  With 80% less caffeine than your average cup, you can rest easy knowing that your delicious cup of coffee won’t leave you tossing and turning.

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