Recently on a team retreat we found ourselves deep inside one of the internet’s most unfiltered forums - Reddit. 

As we continued to read, click, and follow the breadcrumbs, we noticed a disheartening pattern.

Dozens of pleas from exhausted moms, workaholics, and die-hard coffee lovers battling the woes of GERD, acid reflux, and other digestive discomforts. These folks adore their beloved coffee, but sadly, its high acidity and high caffeine are major triggers for those of us with sensitive stomachs... 

Can you relate?

Yeah, us too. After 20 years of taking prescription stimulants to manage his ADHD, our founder Jack was searching for a better way to stay focused and energized, so naturally he turned to coffee. 

However, like many others, he loved the taste but quickly realized it was wreaking havoc on his digestive system and nervous system, without actually providing long term benefits.

The standard advice given – while well intended – doesn't actually help people solve their problem without giving up their beloved daily ritual… because let's face it – if you're a coffee-lover, switching to tea just isn't going to cut it.

The hunt for a healthier cup

We want to clear something up – coffee isn't evil. But, the high acidity and high caffeine content (100+mg in most cups!) in standard coffee preparation processes certainly aren't doing your gut health any favors. 

Normal coffee stimulates the production of the hormone gastrin in your gut, which signals your body to produce more gastric acid (aka stomach acid in layman's terms). This makes it much more likely that you'll experience unwanted symptoms such as acid reflux, bloating and heartburn.

Further, caffeine on its own stimulates movement and cramping in the colon, potentially leading to discomfort and that gotta-go-right-now sprint to the bathroom after your morning cup. 

Modern medicine has proven that gut health is in fact closely tied to the immune, brain, and nervous system – meaning these imbalances can create much more serious conditions overtime, including autoimmune conditions, anxiety, brain fog, and more.

Our not-so-secret sauce

That's why Jack set out to create the healthiest alternative to normal coffee, for himself and to help others like our fellow Reddit-ers who may also be struggling.   


We feel for these people and wish we could track every one of them down to give them a taste of Everyday Dose. Why?


Because it tastes like coffee, but doesn’t have the acidity, high caffeine content, or side effects of regular coffee AND has tons of gut-healing ingredients like Lion’s Mane Mushroom and Collagen Protein.

Don't just take our word for it...

See what these sad coffee aficionados turned happy Dose fam members have to say:

Mary G. 


Tasted better than coffee. I added peppermint bark chocolate chunks to it for a hot mocha flavor. I want to put too much sugar in my coffee. But with this, I do not have to. My anxiety, ADHD, acid reflux, and gerd does not want the coffee anymore but I do. I love the flavor of coffee verses green tea.

Chad B. 


Helps kick the coffee habit, quickly, and tastes great! This stuff helped me kick a years long coffee habit that had begun to cause other health issues (GERD/acid reflux/heartburn, headaches, and a terrible sleep pattern). I simply cannot recommend it enough! Seriously though, the taste is amazing, the effects even more so. DO IT. You won't regret using this product.

Sarah T


This stuff really works!! I sleep through the night, and i wake up without my alarm at 8am every morning, feeling well rested and in a good mood!! WTH?! It is way worth the price! I had a $200/month Starbucks habit. Now, I no longer have GERD, or anxiety spurned by heavy quantities of caffeine. I love it.

Trey S.


GREAT LIFE CHOICE. I was battling acid reflux and the prescribed meds were making it worse as well as the acidity from traditional coffee. In the first two weeks of using Everyday Dose, my gut health changed for the better as well as my mental focus. I've now been using it every day for over 2 years! I'm just as satisfied as I was in the first two weeks of using it. What a great product and family!

Why the rave reviews?

Simple. It’s coffee without the compromises like acid reflux or bloating, with loads of new benefits like improved focus and immune support. So here's to you, to those late-night Reddit scrolls, and to coffee lovers dreaming of a gentler brew. We heard you. We hope our Mushroom Coffee+ gives you a happier ending – like it has 200,000+ other happy customers.

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