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From Sun-Fried Face to Sizzling Hot Summer Glow

Ah, summer. Those golden months when we trade our sweatpants for swimsuits, smoothies for pina coladas, and office commutes for tropical vacations.

But, for many of us, the summer heat can wreak havoc on our bodies. Sun exposure and dehydration speed up aging, making skin dull, hair brittle, and nails weak. Stiff or achy joints limit our ability to frolic and adventure the way we want, and as if that weren’t enough, studies have shown that people tend to get lower-quality sleep in the summer months.

So how can we protect our bodies to outshine the sun and ensure we’re feeling and looking our best, all year round?

Well, you’ve probably already heard the basics like drinking lots of water and wear (natural) sunscreen daily… but there’s one more simple addition to your routine that will help you easily combat all the wear and tear of sun exposure.  

Enter, our unsung summer superstar – collagen protein.

What is Collagen?

“Collagen” comes from the Greek word “kólla” – meaning glue. It’s a fitting name, since collagen makes up your connective tissue, skin, hair, nails, and joints, while also promoting gut health and overall physical wellbeing. Unfortunately, as we age (or get wiser with time, as we like to say) our bodies produce less collagen, which can result in thinner, drier, less elastic skin/hair/nails/joints, and less dense bones.

This process is sped up by sun exposure, dehydration, and other environmental stressors. That is unless we add some more “glue” to our diets to fill the deficit! But please don’t start eating Elmer’s! It’s kinda literal but also mostly a metaphor 😅  

Here’s How Collagen Protein Will

Supercharge Your Summer Glow-Up:

1. Improve skin hydration, smoothness, and elasticity:

By aiding skin cell renewal and repair, collagen protein supports a youthful, radiant appearance and protects your skin from damage.  

2. Healthy happy joints:

Your body breaks collagen down into essential amino acids, which are used to strengthen and repair your connective tissue so you can dance, hike, and swim pain-free.

3. Luscious Locks

Your body uses collagen protein to produce Keratin, the protein that makes up our hair. So when the sun and salt make your hair dry and frizzy, collagen revives your locks.

The Best Way to Experience the Benefits:

Collagen protein can be taken as a supplement, or added to smoothies, food, and coffee, but by far the easiest (and most delicious!) way to make sure you’re getting your daily dose of collagen is with Everyday Dose. Each serving delivers 4 grams of high-quality, natural collagen protein. But that’s not all – it's combined with the power of functional mushrooms, like the brain-boosting Lion's Mane and immune-supporting Chaga, nootropics, and a hint of coffee extract so it tastes just like your beloved coffee. Best part? No more jittery feelings from too much caffeine or tummy troubles from acidity. It's the ultimate coffee experience without the downsides.

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