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Matcha, a unique type of green tea, is made by grinding whole leaves into a fine powder, then whisked with hot water. This method, as opposed to steeping, retains more of the nutrients and antioxidants. Originating in ancient China and used in Zen tea ceremonies, Matcha was brought to Japan by monks, becoming a vital part of Japanese culture. Preparing and enjoying matcha is not just a drink, but a meditative practice fostering harmony and tranquility.

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Health Benefits

Fat Burner
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Energy, cell regeneration, brain function, taste

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Kagoshima, Japan

Why We Use It

Ceremonial grade matcha is the gold standard. Ranging from great taste to the various health benefits, you are met with the healthiest, purest matcha on the market. Your taste buds will thank us.

Always Backed
By Science

This study shows that regularly consuming compounds found in green tea may significantly reduce the risk of liver disease.
Many people struggle with halitosis (bad breath). Recent research has found that consuming green tea or matcha was very effective in reducing oral oder, thanks to its antibacterial cleansing properties.
In this 12 week study, green tea supplementation led to a notable reduction in body fat and BMI in obese Japanese men and women. No other diet or lifestyle changes were made.
Numerous studies have shown that drinking green tea, rich in catechins, is beneficial for heart and blood vessel health by improving cholesterol levels, enhancing blood flow, and helping prevent heart disease and blood clots.

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